Rodney Pollak

Rodney Pollak recently completed his Masters of Music Therapy program at the University of Melbourne. Prior to this, he completed his Bachelor Degree studying Psychology and Management/Marketing and worked for several years in project management roles. Rodney’s passion for music and helping people directed him to wanting to become a registered music therapist.


Rodney’s music therapy experiences are diverse. In his final placement he worked with marginalised children in Kolkata through a community development program. In his third placement, Rodney worked with the interdisciplinary team at a leading paediatric hospital, which focused on improving the health and wellbeing of children and adolescents in an acute setting. Additionally, Rodney had a placement with an organisation, which aimed to support people with physical, intellectual and multiple disabilities achieve their goals in life. He has also worked in a palliative care facility with a focus on providing music therapy for people with progressive neurological diseases.

Rodney is passionate about helping people achieve their goals through music related activities. He has a positive attitude and is able to remain calm in challenging environments. He has excellent interpersonal skills, is warm, friendly and professional. He is eager to introduce music therapy to your organisation and looks forward to meeting you.