Love to dance?

At Ready Set Play Kids we have a number of awesome dance teachers and choreographers. We can run weekly sessions at your venue/ school, one off classes or choreograph school productions. Our dance teachers have graduated from renowned Victorian dance institutions such as The Space, Tony Bartuccio’s and Transit Dance or come from a lifelong dance background.

For the past two years through Kingston Council, RSPK has been running an all abilities hip-hop class for adults. Keep up-to-date in our events page to see the up-and coming Youtube video we created with permission from Baker Boy and his management (Cloud 9).

Music Video Incursions

Turning your centre’s children into stars. This incursion can run for two or three hours whereby participants are taught a routine, some acrobatics (freezes) and are then filmed. Once recorded and edited we submit a ‘Vimeo’ code to your centre so that only you may distribute it accordingly. This means participants and their families have exclusive access to this online video which is set as private to only the viewer with the code. Please note that due to strict legislation, participants of this incursion must have signed permission slips to be filmed.

Should a child not have their permission slip signed they may participate in the full incursion but not the recording. If you would wish to see any of the past videos please contact Ready Set Play Kids. RSPK can also offer just a hip-hop class without the filming or the centre is free to film it and show it in-house.

Want to mix it up? We can also film participants involved in our hip-hop graffiti incursions! Adding to the impact of our urban art workshops.

For the past 2 years we have been running an all abilities hip-hop program for the City of Kingston and Glen Eira Council. Both groups performed during the International Week for People With a Disability at GESAC and Kingston Town Hall in 2014 and 2015. We also offer our all abilities hip-hop program to school age participants.


Ready Set Play Kids is excited to introduce Bollywood Dancing.

Why Bollywood dancing?

  • It’s fun, interactive and high-energy
  • Improves hand, feet, hip, shoulders and even eye coordination.
  • Kids will be taught simple choreography that will get their hips moving and heart-rate pumping.
  • Opens a new Cultural understanding of Indian culture and sub-culture.

Pop songs and hip hop

Michael Jackson and pop song dance classes
Does your centre or do you school kids love the Michael Jackson? Learn the moves to dances such as ‘Thriller’, ‘Smooth Criminal’ and ‘Black or White’. The King of Pop lives on in these classes and the feedback from these workshops has been fantastic.

So get your dancing shoes on and get moving with our pop song dance classes.