With the increasing popularity of street art as urban culture we are now offering a graffiti/ hip-hop incursion. This 3hour program warms up with hip-hop leading into a demonstration of graffiti letter writing. The aim of this program is to negate vandalism and promote urban art and street culture. Should you want students to take home their own piece or should you want a large piece made by the kids for the centre, feel free to contact us for what best suits your requirements. Perfect for the last week of a holiday program, as kids can create their ‘piece du resistance’ to take home to show and tell, and one they will be talking about for ages. It has been the ‘coolest’ workshop we have ever done, according to our participants.

Want to mix it up? We can also film participants involved in our hip-hop graffiti incursions! Adding to the impact of our urban art workshops.

We can also run the workshops for two hours as three hours works best where there are larger groups involved (35+pax).